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Massage Gun for Pain Relief(SA2405-149)

Massage Gun for Pain Relief(SA2405-149)

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Features & details
AIPILER massage gun mini is a necessity post-workout tool designed by professionals. It is lightweight and comfortably handheld. This Fascia Gun has the same percussion strength at half the size compared to larger sized massage therapy guns. It will give you a full body massage recovery treatment, no matter where you are
The ergonomic design makes it so that the massager is easily handheld for treating all body parts. Fast muscle recovery without breaking bank, can at home massage therapy, get rid of tightness & increase flexibility and deep tissue- and fascia release.
High-power brushless motor, stroke depth of up to 6-8mm, completely adjustable intensity (4 gears) from 1800โ€“3200rpm, quiet technology at only 35db, Endurance battery that lasts up to 10hrs (Li-Ion 2000), Speed battery charging (3.5 hrs until full), super mini size making it an ideal companion wherever you go.
Each massage head or head attachment is carefully designed by AIPILER to ensure you get the much needed massage therapy after an intense workout. 1. โ€“ Spine head mount. Perfect for gently massaging the neck and spine. 2. โ€“ Flat head mount. Full body application โ€“ Apply everywhere for a revitalizing feel. 3. โ€“ Ball head mount. Made for relieving larger muscle groups โ€“ A more intense treatment. 4. โ€“ Bullet head mount. Perfect for deep muscle penetration when pain relief is crucial.
The massage therapy gun delivers deep pulses (or percussions) in the muscle tissues. These repeated pulses generate an increased blood flow, accelerating growth & repair of the tissues. These result in a relieve of pain and increasing range of motion. like: Ease soft tissue pain, Release lactic acid, Accelerate muscle recovery, Stimulate muscle growth, Improve blood circulation, Enhance range of motion, Muscle stretch, Improve muscle responsiveness, Reduce risk of injury.

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