172PCs Home Travel & Sewing Kit
172PCs Home Travel & Sewing Kit
172PCs Home Travel & Sewing Kit
172PCs Home Travel & Sewing Kit
172PCs Home Travel & Sewing Kit

    172PCs Home Travel & Sewing Kit

    Rs.1,484 Rs.3,299
      • The perfect sewing kit-The kit contains all the necessary tools for basic maintenance-coil X48, pearl needle X40, needle X30, magnifying glass X1, color button X10, black button X10, white button X10, tape measure X1, hemming Clip X4, metal crochet hook X1, sweater needle X1, seam ripper X1, white pen X1, large pin X5, hidden button X4, scissors X1, thread guide X1, silver hat thimble X1, cloth bag X1, all items are neatly packed , Ready to use.
      • ✅Easy to use-When you open the sewing kit, items will not fall randomly; for safety, the needle is placed in a separate airtight box, and other items are safely stuffed in place with attractive black elastic bands. The kit in the true sense makes your life easier.
      • ✅Widely used-The compact design inside the kit makes it easy to carry fashionable styles wherever you travel. With this kit, you will never have to find a tailor for basic repairs, be more self-sufficient and perform small repairs yourself.
      • ✅The perfect gift-The sewing kit is a great gift for people who travel a lot, mothers, grandmothers, backpackers, and little girls! Basic maintenance can be carried out anytime and anywhere. The kit is equally suitable for men and women and is definitely a tool that people like to use.
      • ✅The fun of hand sewing-The sewing kit can be used to repair favorite clothes or children's plush toys. You may fall in love with the feeling of DIY. Also use it to teach your kids to make some beautiful handmade, which will be very interesting.
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