House Hold Magic Clean Mat (1865)
House Hold Magic Clean Mat (1865)
House Hold Magic Clean Mat (1865)
House Hold Magic Clean Mat (1865)

    House Hold Magic Clean Mat (1865)

    Rs.850 Rs.1,499
      1. This mat is a super-absorbent doormat that keeps your floors clean and dry.    

      2. Keeping your floors clean can be difficult, especially in rainy weather, and regular cloth or rubber mats can leave dirt and mud on the bottom of shoes to be tracked into your home.    

      3. With this nonslip absorbent doormat there, no need to wipe your feet, just step on the Step Mat and the absorbent super fibers soak up the mud and water.    

      4. Place this As Seen on TV mat at all the entries to your home or garage, wherever you have a door.    

      5. This super-absorbent doormat soaks up rain, snow, slush, sleet and mud and is great if you have kids or pets.

      Package Includes: 1 X House Hold Mat.
      Size : 18*28 inches   (45*70 cm)





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