50 Cm Wall Clock Home Decor (3858)-Black
50 Cm Wall Clock Home Decor (3858)-Black
50 Cm Wall Clock Home Decor (3858)-Black
50 Cm Wall Clock Home Decor (3858)-Black
50 Cm Wall Clock Home Decor (3858)-Black

    50 Cm Wall Clock Home Decor (3858)-Black

    Rs.6,470 Rs.12,999
      • ✔20-Inch Mute Wall Clock with Simple Stylish Design
      • ✔Requires 1 AA battery to operate. (battery not included) Please do use Carbon batteries rather than Alkaline batteries.
      • ✔Not working???→1. Straighten the clock hands so that they are not crossed when running. 2. Pull out of the clock hands and press them into the original place. 3.Push down on the nub at the center of the hands and hear a pop/click sound, and then try batteries to start the clock. 4. There is no second hand, so we can not make sure the clock is working by eyes. Only you close the clock to your ear, you will hear the gears running, then the clock is working now.
      • ✔Made of preferred iron material with fine workmanship
      • Size: Width 50 cm and Height 50 cm
      • ✔Design with elegant appearance and bright color, looks great on the wall of living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, office, study, cafe, hotel, restaurant etc.
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